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Tiling adhesives

Ezi-Flex is a smooth white,premium grade, polymer modified, flexible cement based tile adhesive.

By  Last updated: 25th June 2013

Ezi-Flex is a smooth white,premium grade, polymer modified, flexible cement based tile adhesive.


Ezi-Flex is a smooth white,premium grade, polymer modified, flexible cement based tile adhesive.
Ezi-Flex is a non-slump adhesive that can be used with large format tiles.
It is designed for bonding all types of ceramic, stone and mosaic tiles, with the exception of Green Marble unless
previously sealed, onto a variety of substrates like concrete, render, rendered brickwork, block work, Gyprock, plasterboard, fibre cement.
It can be used internal and external on wall and floor surfaces.
Ezi-Flex can be used as an adhesive and grout in one for small splash back Applications ONLY.
Ezi-Flex can be used inside swimming pools, spas etc.
Ezi-Flex can be used for fixing low porosity tiles.
Ezi-Flex can be used to fix tiles over most waterproofing membranes.However it is advisable to contact the manufacturer prior to commencing.
Ensure all concrete slabs are allowed to cure for at least 6 weeks in accordance withAS 3958.1-1991 and have a wood float finish.
All rendered surfaces must be allowed to cure for at least 7 days prior to commencing tiling.
The maximum variation in the plane of the concrete must not exceed5mmin 3 meters for floors and4mmin 2 meters for walls.
Steel trowelled finished concrete surfaces be mechanically or chemically abraded prior to commencing tiling
Fibre Cement sheet when used as an underlay or wall / floor material must be a minimum of 6mm in thickness. For heavy duty commercial
applications it should be a minimum of 9mm thick and all should be fixed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and the relevant
Compressed Fibre-Cement sheets when used as a floor substrate must be 15mm thick, and when used a wall substrate must 9mm thick and
must be installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and the relevant standards.
Gypsum –plasterboard sheets when used as a wall substrate must be a minimum of 10mm thick, and installed in accordance with the
manufacturer’s instructions and the relevant standards.
Ensure all surfaces are sound, dry and free from excessive movement, oil, dust, grease, wax, curing compounds, release agents and any other
loose contaminating materials.
It is recommended that all surfaces must be primed with Uniprime, especially porous surfaces, to ensure a sound bond of the adhesive to the
When applying the primer onto a floor surface it is recommended to firstly pour some primer in a section then spread the primer using a broom,
brush or roller.Then continue this method of application until the entire area is primed. This method of application ensures a thorough coat
of the primer on the surface.
Allow the primer to dry for approximately 20 minutes at 20ºC prior to commencing tiling.
Expansion / movement joints must be provided to allow for movement between adjacent building components.They should be as follows:
Over Existing joints in the substrate.
Where two different substrates meet. Eg:Timber and Concrete.
Around fixed elements in the floor eg. Columns.
At internal vertical corners.
Around the perimeter of the floor.
In internal floors where any dimension exceeds9mor6mif subjected to sunlight.
In external floors where any dimension exceeds 4.5 m.
On wall surfaces at storey heights horizontally and approximately 3m-4.5m apart vertically. Ideally they should be located over movement joints in
the structural background and at structural material changes for example the horizontal joint at the bottom of floor slabs, vertical joints at internal
vertical corners,and at junctions with columns. (The above points are in accordance withAS3958.1-1991)
Movement joints should go right through the tile adhesive bed to the background and kept free from dirt and adhesive droppings.Movement joints
must not be less than6mmand not wider than 10mm.The movement joints must be filled with a flexible sealant like Silicone.
The mixing ratio of Ezi-Flex is 15kg of powder to 5-6 Litres of water.
Pour 5-6 litres of clean water into a drum and then gradually add the Ezi-Flex while mixing continuously until a smooth lump free mix is obtained.
Always add powder to liquid. Mix should be thick toothpaste consistency.
Allow the mix to stand for 5 minutes, re-stir and then apply the adhesive onto the substrate.
For non slump applications contact your nearest Atlas office for the correct mixing ratio.

Clean Up:
Packaging / Shelf Life:
Handy Tips:
Technical Data:
Grouting Application:
Once the surfaces has been appropriately prepared in accordance with the above instructions then apply the adhesive onto the substrate using
an appropriate notched trowel.
For floor tiling use a 10mm x 10mm square notched trowel for tiles up to 300mm x 300mm.For tiles 300mm x 300mm and larger use a 12mm x
12mmsquare notched trowel. For mosaic tiles use a6mmx6mmsquare notched trowel.
For wall tiling use6mmx6mmsquare notched trowel for tiles up to 200mm x 200mm.For tiles larger than 200mm x 200mm use a8mmx8mm
or10mmx10mmsquare notched trowel.
Ezi-Flex should be applied onto the substrate at a rate of 1m² at a time. Application rates greater than this can result in the adhesive skinning
before the tiles are laid into it.
Once the adhesive is applied onto the substrate ensure that it does not skin prior to bedding the tiles into it. Once the adhesive skins lay
tiles into it, but remove it and apply fresh adhesive.
When placing the tiles into the adhesive press them in by using a twisting or sliding action. Ensure no voids occur and full coverage of adhesive is
under the tiles.
For tiles with lugs, grooves or uneven backing it may be required to butter the back of the tile with adhesive in addition to trowelling the adhesive
onto the substrate.
The final bed thickness of the adhesive should be at least2mmfor wall tiling and3mmfor floor tiling.
Once the tiling is completed do not disturb the tiled surface for at least 6-8 hours at 20ºC.
Excess adhesive from the face of the tiles can be cleaned up with damp cloth while the adhesive is still wet.
Adhesive that has oozed out into the grout joint must be raked out with a knife / spatula etc.
Tools and other equipment can be cleaned up using water while the adhesive is still wet.
A 15kg bag of Ezi-Flex will cover approximately 14 – 16m2 using a6mmnotched trowel.
Refer to RLA/Atlas grout data sheet for allTechnical information.
Ezi-Flex is available in 4kg and 15kg bags.
A bag of Ezi-Flex,when stored in a cool, dry environment,and is stored above ground level, will have a shelf life of approximately 12months.
Do not apply Ezi-Flex in temperatures above 40ºC and below 5ºC.
Ezi-Flex cannot be used for fixing tiles over timber floors.
Ezi-Flex can be used for fixing tiles in permanently immersed situations like swimming pools, spas Etc.
For applications / situations not mentioned in this data sheet please contact your nearest RLA/Atlas office.
Ezi-Flex being cement based is alkaline in nature, and therefore may cause dermatitis. It is recommended that applicators wear PVC gloves or
similar and safety goggles.
For a full MSDS on this product please contact you’re nearest RLA/Atlas office.

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